White Room EP

by Me As A Pilot

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released September 16, 2013

Music written by Nick Costa

Nick Costa- Vocals-Guitars-Bass-Drums-Percussion
Eric Carranza - Guitar on "Fade Out", "Last Night's Drinks", "Frames and States" and "Dirty Drugs"
Solvay Peterson - Cello on "Dirty Drugs"
Leah Ottman - Violin on "Dirty Drugs"

Recorded, Produced, "mixed" and "mastered" by Nick Costa at The Freedom Lounge in Saint Paul, MN
"Artwork" by Nick Costa



all rights reserved


Me As A Pilot Minneapolis, Minnesota

Me As A Pilot is the solo project for Nick Costa. Nick is also the singer/guitarist in the band The Person and The People (thepersonandthepeople.bandcamp.com).

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Track Name: Fade Out/Burn Away
It fades out, I promise
The feelings we brought in
Though I try to make the best of things around us
You believe in nothing else but us

How could we know what makes us so alone?

It always sticks around
I don't mind it anyhow
And I try to make the best of things inside of us
But sometimes there's nothing else but us, just fading

How could we know
What makes us so in our own heads
And again
And again
And again
And again
And again
And again
And again
And again...
Track Name: Last Night's Drinks
The early drinks
The morning dew
Is how I relate this all to you
Because last night's drinks
They came and went
But now we wonder how the money's spent

Is it all a lie?
Is it all a lie?
And I tried, I tried, to keep it inside

The long walk down
The way back home
The blurry vision of myself alone
Because last night's drinks
They came back up
But they were all I had to keep me drunk

Is it all a lie?
Is it all a lie?
And I tried, I tried to keep it inside
I tried to keep it inside

I know damn well
I wouldn't fuck this up
But I'll take another look
It's the face she makes
How they're all the same
And I was saved by a greater love

Is it all a lie?
It's a goddamn lie
And I tried, I tried, to keep it inside
Track Name: Room For Two
Well, it needs no introduction
But if you insist...
What started off as water has now ended up as piss
Nobody remembers
No one made a sound
I blocked it out of my memory
Because everybody drowned

And you never look for lovers
Instead they look for you
But this ship has only room enough for two

Now, when I wake up in the mornings
Or the late afternoons
I'm frantically searching
Yet always there was you
What a stupid boy I was
I didn't know what to do
She went and hypnotized me
Left me confused...

And I never look for lovers
Instead they look for me
But this ship, it don't have room enough for three

There's a girl who's snapping pictures
Of herself smiling wide
Underneath those dim bar lights
And I won't say that I miss her
But I think of her the same
And those lights will turn into flames
Track Name: White Room
The mind has become a blank
As rested eyes against fresh snow
An endless room I hold
In a capsule
In a way I've told

Confessions of sin
That I can't commit
But I use it to get me through

How's the story told?
Are you as safe here
As your savior?
A question, if not bold.
Requires patience to the one it's told

Why wallow in sin?
It's only in your head
But you use it to get you through

Opinions on things you can't see
There's always two sides of things
So try for once in your life
To see things through someone else's eyes
And you'll see
What it means
To need to get through the night
For once in your life
Track Name: Dirty Drugs
You went away with me
You had time to be discrete
Remember when I swept you off of your feet?
Now you claim this is a disease
You were on dirty drugs
But they got you so messed up
And took your mind off the stuff
That before you had never had enough

It's funny how our ending is nothing like our start
It's like you've lost all feeling
It's like you've lost your heart
Now you're running out of money
So you're going to war
And just trying to think of things to fight me for

We were telling sick, sick lies
And they kept me up all night
I almost felt that I lost my mind
For a second I was terrified
But now I've got my head on straight
It's getting harder still with age
Remember all the things you made me say?
Now they're pushing me into my grave