Good Enough.

by Me As A Pilot

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released July 14, 2015

all songs written and performed by Nick Costa except for :
Eric Carranza - guitar on "if you say so"
Leah Ottman - violin on "if you say so" and "to my grave"
Solvay Peterson - cello on "to my grave"
"up with mittens, down with gloves" written by Red Fox Grey Fox

recorded by nick costa in a basement, on a phone, on a tape machine, sometimes with a laptop microphone, sometimes with nice microphones

all between the years of 2012 and 2015.

Cover photo by Sam Sanford
Back Cover photo by Katie Essick

© me as a pilot / 2015 / all rights reserved



all rights reserved


Me As A Pilot Minneapolis, Minnesota

Me As A Pilot is the solo project for Nick Costa. Nick is also the singer/guitarist in the band The Person and The People (

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Track Name: If You Say So
I'm still laughing at the fact that I've been a fool
Yeah, I'll take that back
I've been thinking that I'm a bit confused
And I know you know it's true

But if you say so, I will stay
But if you wait too long, I will go away

You've been holding me like strings that hold marionettes
You could cut me loose, and I'll crumble at your feet
But you haven't yet

I feel like I've been waiting a long time to hold you until I die
Track Name: I'll Be Alright
I'll be alright by the morning, just put me under
I'll be alright, I swear, if you leave me alone
If there's something I said that made you feel sad, or whatever
Well, I'm sorry, but I just sometimes lose control

I'll be alright by this evening, just let me lie here
I'll be alright by this evening, just get me the drugs
There is pain that is true, and I always knew this about you
One eye's looking away, and one eye is looking at me

"So call out to something that you can believe"
Says the man in the corner who's staring at me
He reflects what I want based off of the things that I need
I'm crying for my baby,
"Won't you please stay? We can talk for a while, though there ain't much to say."
As she casually laughs and slowly walks away

I'll be alright by this weekend, they say I'm not dying
I'll be alright by this weekend if the doctors are right
Well, that's what they said
But I still feel dead without you
Yeah, well, I'll be just fine but I've got no clue what to do
Track Name: Wait
Will you test the water for me?
Because I can't stand the heat
My skin burns more easy than yours
Your skin is strong as steel

If we depend on each other
And love like before
Then you won't leave
And I will just be
And we can finally breathe

But I couldn't wait for something to wait for
I was fed up, so what would I stay for?

We will stay forever this way
We can finally see

Why we couldn't wait for something to stay for
If you've been fed up, then what would you wait for?
Track Name: Stay Awake
Times, they change
When times get strange, I don't see it as a problem
Things may lead to better days
But a haze is making me nervous
I've got a lot of things, but what tomorrow brings
Adds on to the painfully obvious

I'll stay awake for you
Like I'm "supposed" to do
I can stay up and read,
Go and find something else to eat,
Or walk around the shady streets
I'll stay awake for you
I'll stay up

You're breaking my balls
Why do you get involved with everything that I'm doing?
Sometimes people find their peace, with or without you to ruin it
Track Name: Lovehoney
I wouldn't say that I can make you money
But we can make love, honey
It makes sense to me
I wouldn't stay with just one person
But no other person has ever loved me that way
At least when we were that age

So if I let you down, or you feel left out
Honey, let me know and I'll change

You once said "we're human beings, we get these feelings and they don't go away."
Does that make me a bad person? Well, what's the worst thing that I could possibly say?
"Honey, I don't feel that way?"

So if I let you down, or you feel left out
Honey, let me know and I'll change
Track Name: Adeline
Adeline, oh Adeline, I'm coming back for you
You always show such discontent in everything I do
I've been saving all my change, and I quit drinking too
Adeline, oh Adeline, I'm coming back for you

It was all coming up daisies by the time you came around
We were happier than ever, right before my luck ran out
I was getting drunk again and letting go of the truth
Adeline, oh Adeline
Honey, I don't blame you

I was always stepping out, though I'm through with it now
There's a shadow on the wall that has been there since you ran out
I'm different man, I swear
Well, at least for an hour or two
Adeline, oh Adeline, I'm coming back for you

Adeline, oh Adeline, please come back to me
I always cared about you, and you know that my love runs deep
But I was never quite the man that you wanted me to be
Adeline, oh Adeline, please come back to me
Track Name: Surfer
I won't try to plant a seed
Or understand what you've done to me
It's not my place

I don't run around the town
To find a way to put you down
It's not my place

You've been holding out again, I know
With your dreams of moving out to the coast
As if your inner-surfer would ride a wave to me
Instead of laying by the beach smoking weed
It's a fantasy

I won't tell you how to live
The criticism that I give
Is fine by me

I won't try to hold you back
As if your life is still on track
It's fine by me

You've been heading out again, I know
With your dreams of moving out to the coast
As if your inner-surfer would ride away from me
Instead of laying by the beach smoking weed
It's a fantasy
But it's what you do to me
Track Name: Let Me Down
Something's gotta give away
I've grown tired of staying late
For a while I've notice, while you're out smoking
You're needing a better love, and you know that I'm not one
If you think it's right, you can end it tonight

I'm tired of being broke
But baby, I'm not broken
If you've got something else to say, maybe you should say it
You know I hate playing around
Maybe you should just let me down
Let me down

I found an easy way to forget a couple of days
I call it "Self Loathing and Getting Boring"
Could I say anything tonight to set this whole thing right?
I need instant gratification in this situation
Track Name: Roll
A restless heart skips a beat
You never understand the fear you bring
Calm me down, walk with me
Up the hill and underneath the willow tree

Will you let me roll as you let go of me?

Business men
And begging hands ignored by society's plans to wipe them out
Survival of the fittest, or just privileged scum?

You let them roll
(I don't know. Everything I know is something old)
As you let go of the idea
(I let go of everything that I used to know)

That we all have needs
And we're all diseased
But what people see is the endless fear
That we've gotten near
Where do we go from here?
Track Name: Stay If It's Right
Restless dark
I don't think I've seen you more alarmed
Ever since, I've wondered where we are and where we're not
14th street
Apartments with a drug store in between
I bought a back of cigarettes and pressed one between my teeth

As I was sitting there I wondered
If there was something to recover
Because I've made mistakes and blunders
But I try to be a better lover
I do

Junked out cars
A maple tree with names carved in the bark
From people who once had a brand new start
But now it's gone
She looks at me
But I am looking somewhere in between
The grass along the picket fence and the drinks at the bar

So say what you want and leave me, baby
I'm just not try to please you, honey
Don't stay if you want to save an old, old memory
Just stay if it's right
Track Name: To My Grave
As I recall
The second I saw your face
I knew in that time and place where this would go
Will you take my name?
Lead me to my grave?
I guess in other words, never let me go

I don't remember a time without your love
It's like it was always there, even though we're young
Endlessly, this love will stay with us, always

Even as ghosts,
I'd still need you the most as we wander the earth as memories
There isn't a thing about you I would change
And honey, it's so strange
But I need you to know

I don't remember a time without your love
It's like it was always there, even before it was
Endlessly, this love will stay with us, always